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My teaching interests center on issues of public policy and management, with foci on theories of the policy process and collaborative governance. I am prepared to teach courses on water policy and management, as well as an introductory course on social network analysis. I have had the following experience:

Instructor of Record

PADP 6910 Public Administration and Democracy, spring 2021-current, (graduate), University of Georgia

PADP 8620 Policy Process, 2020-current (graduate), University of Georgia

POL 206 Public Policy and Administration, summer 2016 and 2017; winter 2016-2017 (online undergraduate), University of Arizona

Teaching Assistant

PA 241 Criminal Justice Administration, 2015-2016 (undergraduate), University of Arizona

POL 204 Comparative Politics, fall 2014 (undergraduate), University of Arizona

POL 201 American Politics, 2013-2014 (undergraduate), University of Arizona

GEOG 456 The American City, 2011 (undergraduate), University of Arizona

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